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pluck. make theatre.  They make slick, exciting, ruddy good theatre, because they got tired of waiting for other people to do it for them and tired of waiting for the phone to ring. 

They decided to take matters into their own hands. 

To stop making excuses and start making work.

So one plucky actress rang one plucky actor, and pluck. was formed.  

To date, pluck. have produced five full-scale shows. 

Their sell-out world premiere run of David K. Barnes' BIRTHDAY SUIT in 2017 was nominated for three OFFIES, including Best New Play.  Their most recent full-scale project was ALKALINE by Stephanie Martin, another world premiere which had a critically acclaimed four-week run at the Park Theatre in 2018 and was

nominated for a further two OFFIE awards.

Their next production will be Annie Jenkins' KARAOKE PLAY, a dark, twisty, funny and devastating monologue play written especially for pluck. and directed by Lucy McCann, running from September 29th - October 14th at The Bunker. 


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