With their father dying, estranged siblings Lilly and Ed are drawn reluctantly back to the farmhouse of their youth. Between them and their inheritance lies a past that won’t go away. But can it be rewritten?


VENUS QUARRY is a new play, inspired by the love-test in King Lear.

It explores themes of sibling rivalry, generational disconnect, and modern lifestyle choices versus traditional values.

It poses the question: How far would you go to get your due?


Directed by Bryony J. Thompson




VENUS QUARRY was presented as a co-production with

Action To The Word at the inaugural Catford-Upon-Avon Shakespeare festival at The Broadway Theatre from Monday 14th - Thursday 17th March, 2016.




CLAP HANDS by Aaron Hubbard 

Hackney Showroom

July 2015


Owen is unable to write or play music, Thom's exhaust pipe is broken and Holly seems to be turning into a farmyard animal.  As the situation falls apart, Owen is forced to choose between his shallow and opportunistic friend, and an increasingly unfamiliar life with the woman he loves.  Owen knows what effect Holly's transformation is having on them, but are they on the road to saving her from herself - or ultimately allowing the metamorphosis to worsen?  An absurd, twisted take on denial, destruction, and the dirty games we play when we're in love. 


Directed by Bryony J. Thompson

THE COW PLAY by Ed Harris 

The Rosemary Branch

November 2014 

“Most people aren’t like us.”


Meet a brother and sister with a love-hate relationship.  She loves him, he hates her. But this isn't your standard issue sibling rivalry .  These two have adored and endured each other all day every day for the past fifteen years, locked in the basement of their own home with only an obscure record collection and a pretty suspect library of books for company.  But enough is enough, and now they are hatching a plan to free themselves at last – by whatever means necessary.


This darkly comic piece from up-and-coming-playwright Aaron Hubbard examines the margins of society and how a corrupt town confronts the outcasts it helped to create.

 It is hilarious, disturbing, absurd, and not to be missed.


Directed by James Smoker.




pluck. gave Aaron Hubbard's remarkable CLAP HANDS 

its world premiere at Hackney Showroom in July 2015.